Three Bar Bloody Mary Mix is not only the best mix, by far that I have ever come across, but it is arguably the best Bloody Mary I have ever tasted. So glad they ship to California!!!

Greg Hoffman

This mix is all you need for the perfect Bloody Mary!! And it's becoming one of my favorite secret weapons in the kitchen..add to sauces, soups and salad dressings, it's the schizz, yo!

Carole Hilton Mooney

I love a spicy Bloody Mary, most bartenders think that means dump a bunch of Tabasco sauce in it, not so, it means the perfect combination of all the ingredients, Three Bar Bloody Mary Mix hits the nail on the head, best I've ever had, and I've had a lot, I challenge you to try it, then you will agree with me! Three Bar Bloody Mary Mix will be the best you've ever had!!!!

Kenny Richey

I am a Bloody Mary snob and I love this
stuff! Perfection in a bottle.

Keri Rowland Guiberson

Amazing spice and flavor.. The most delicious Bloody Mary I've ever had... and I have tried many!

Stacia Hoge

Subtle layers of flavor. Not just spice. Refined, unique, delicious.

Roxane Burnett

All you need is the vodka! Perfect just the way it is! Great gift idea too

Debbie Sargent Coe

Nectar of the Gods ~What a great way to begin and end a weekend...

Kristen Van Engelen